Friday, March 26, 2010

Quest of the Moment

OK, so my newest obsession is liquid glitter eyeliner. I'm OBSESSED. I don't have enough of it, and I want more. Unfortunately for me, though, the only ones I can get my hands on are from Sephora - (Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner, Too Faced Starry Eyed, Sephora brand Glitter Eyeliner) - and I just can't justify spending so much money on something I'll only use every now and then. Along the same lines though, no drugstore near me carries any sort of glitter liner. Not Walmart, not Target, not Walgreens, and not CVS.

I have 4 Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners, and quite frankly, I'm not that enthused with them and don't think they were worth the $18 I shelled out for each of them. I have Distortion, Metalhead, Spandex and Air Guitar. Air Guitar and Metalhead are really pigmented and super sparkly, but Spandex and Distortion aren't at all. I really feel like the UD glitter liners are hit or miss, and because of that, I don't wanna pay so much money for them.

I also have 1 drustore glitter liner, and it's Mary-Kate and Ashley brand. It's SO much more pigmented than the UD ones, and I absolutely love it. It's silver with tons of silver glitter. Only problem is that I can't seem to find MK&A makeup anywhere anymore. I know they still sell it at some Walmarts, but they don't carry it in mine. Or the backup one I go to when my primary store doesn't have what I'm looking for.

I know tons of brands make glitter liner, including NYX, Collection 2000, and Amuse, and I want to know which of those brands are the best. I don't want to pay more than $5 each for my glitter liners since I only get to use them when I go to the club or a party - which isn't very often - and don't get much use out of them.

So I turn to you. Help me on my quest to find the best - and preferably cheapest - glitter liner available!! (Please and thank you!) :)


  1. HEY!!!! so, i was recently on the nyx website and i looked at "Preview" or "coming soon" (something like that) and i found out that nyx is coming out with a new glitter liner in may 2010, and i thought of you! just thought id let you know.

  2. Wow, really? That's awesome! Thanks for letting me know! :)